How to know if you’re entertaining a counterfeit

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Sis, over the years I have encountered some counterfeits in my life. I was so in love…sorry let me rephrase that. I was soo in lust and wrapped in a soul tie that I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t break free of these relationships. Let’s talk about what a counterfeit is before we start discussing the signs. A counterfeit is a fraud, it means to imitate something else. Now that I have a relationship with Jesus I can identify if someone was sent by God or the enemy. I want to help you identify if you are or have ever been entertaining a counterfeit.

Their actions don’t align with their words 

We’ve all heard the saying actions speak louder than words. But did you know this saying is really bible? 1 John 3:18 says let us not just say that we love each other but show the truth by our actions. Our actions aligning with our words also show our character. You want to be with someone who can do what they say they will do and be who they said they are. 

The Bible talks about what love is, love is patient, kind and doesn’t envy, etc. If he isn’t kind, that’s not love, etc. I’ve learned in my walk to dissect someone’s actions and character by what the bible says BECAUSE the Bible is the truth. 

Constantly Argue 

Understand that when you are on two different spiritual paths you will clash. Everything will be misunderstood. You may try with all your heart to communicate and show that you understand them or their point on a certain issue but they won’t take it as such. It seems like everything will always be a war. But think about it God and Satan are light and day. It doesn’t mix. Satan’s plan is to steal, kill, and destroy which means he can use people. He can send a man to make you think he is all you ever prayed for. This leads me to my next point 

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They display all you want in the beginning 

Now we talked about what a counterfeit is. The enemy sends this person packaged nicely how you think they would come by God but they will truly show who they are. Remember, their character won’t align with God. They will talk a good talk but that’s it. It may seem like he is everything you prayed for but really he’s nothing like what you have prayed for or whom God has shown you that he has for you. Please pay attention to his fruit. 

I dealt with someone who told me he loved God. I soon realized he didn’t have a personal relationship with God. I even heard him listening to worship music. BUT the enemy knew this was new for me. Because I’ve never encountered a man that listened to worship music I thought this was the real thing. NO. Absolutely not. He didn’t know the Bible, he didn’t spend time with God. When he would drink he would be a different person. His character at the end of the day didn’t reflect what the bible says. The mask of this man will fall very soon at least within the first month. 

Always confused 

This man will cause you to be confused. Have you feeling like you are the issue but you’re not. This relationship will have you going in a circle of emotions a lot. May be good for a while but then you’ll be arguing and confused again tryna figure out why you are not on the same page. You may have even tried to walk away from this relationship but have found yourself continuing to go back. That tug of war is something serious. This is all confusion, chaos, and toxicity. The Lord will never be in the midst of confusion and chaos. 

If any of this resonates with you please know your worth and let this relationship go. Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is telling you. If you take anything from this post I pray you pay attention to the fruit in your relationships. All relationships because a counterfeit can also be sent in friendships as well. 

I love you but God loves you more. Remember to let the Holy Spirit guide you in all things. 

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