God is for you, Never against you!

Y’all I’ve been going through it these last maybe 3 months. Struggling with self doubt, rejection, intrusive thoughts, compassion, betrayal, being lied on and slander amongst a bunch of other things. 

I’ve been angry, impatient, anxious and just feeling like God doesn’t love me anymore. I’ve been facing issues in my household with my children, being betrayed and lied on at work, and feeling rejected.

I have learned we go through all this for a reason. The people that has hurt us, lie on us and betray us were assigned to play a part in our life and that part was a lesson. The Bible says all things work together for our good even these hard times. 

Jesus revealed to me He went through EVERYTHING that we endure. He was perfect, did nothing to no one and he was lied on, talked about, looked down on, beaten and crucified. He was committed to His assignment. If Jesus went through it all, why wouldn’t we?

The Bible says take up your cross Daily and follow him. That means we take our cross on our back and we continue to walk toward him; seek him. We continue to be more like him, develop his characteristics. In the midst of our hard time. This is our training. He’s training us through the hardship to become holy, to be loving and humble. 

I want you to read Psalm 18. The Lord told me to read this scripture. He woke me up about 1am and I remember hearing in my spirit Psalm 18. Let me add really quick how this made me feel that I’m at place in my relationship with God to hear him tell me places to go in the Bible and this made me so happy.

Anywho Psalm 18 is written by David and he’s praising God for rescuing him from his enemies. Saul was soo envious of David he wanted to kill him from the start but David remained loyal to God and God always had his back. It’s the same for us. The bible says that God will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5)

You are his – Isaiah 43:1

You are loved – John 3:16

You are chosen- Ephesians 1:4 & John 15:16

You are his prize possession- 1 Peter 2:9

Remember God if for you. It doesn’t matter  who is against you Romans 8:31

I want you to take the negative thoughts captive daily 2 Corinthians 10:5 and replace it with what God says about you above. Speak them OUT LOUD to yourself DAILY. Even multiple times a day. 

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